Eye cream


Eye Cream


January 25, 2023


The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul. Yet, the delicate skin around them can often show the wear and tear of time and tiredness. Introducing Zoar’s Dead Sea Eye Cream, a potent blend of nature’s magic and scientific know-how, ready to revitalize your gaze and restore the radiance to your windows of the soul.
Wrinkles? Fine lines? Zoar’s Eye Cream stands guard, visibly reducing their appearance and smoothing out your delicate eye area. Dark circles, the unwanted shadows of fatigue, fade away, revealing a brighter, more refreshed look. And the cream doesn’t just address the visible; it works deep within, normalizing the skin’s natural balance and promoting healthy cell renewal.

Eye Cream

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Perfect Training for Team

Building a winning team goes beyond product knowledge. Enopharm empowers your beauty squad with interactive, engaging training resources that spark passion, build expertise, and ignite sales.

Offer Our System to Clients

Immerse your clients in a haven of Dead Sea bliss with the Enopharm Zoar Spa System. We provide everything from luxurious products and professional tools to marketing materials, elevating treatments and exceeding expectations.

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Unleash your radiant self with Enopharm Zoar’s captivating collection of skincare essentials. Our products, infused with the mineral-rich power of the Dead Sea, offer a unique blend of natural goodness and scientific innovation to elevate your beauty routine

Zoar Dead Sea Eye Cream: Unveiling Radiant Eyes

Discover the Secret to Youthful Eyes with Zoar’s Dead Sea Eye Cream

Eyes are not just the mirror to your soul but also the first to betray the signs of stress, fatigue, and aging. Zoar’s Dead Sea Eye Cream is your ultimate ally in the fight against these premature signs, offering a luxurious blend of Dead Sea minerals and advanced skincare technology.


Unveiling Radiant Eyes: The Magic of Zoar Eye Cream with Dead Sea Extracts

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, but the delicate skin around them can show signs of aging faster. Zoar Eye Cream, enriched with the powerful benefits of Dead Sea minerals, offers a solution for brighter, firmer, and more youthful-looking eyes. This luxurious eye cream combats wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness, revealing radiant eyes that shine with confidence.

Part 1: Unveiling Radiance and Saying Goodbye to Fatigue

Tired eyes and dark circles can make you look older and more worn out. Zoar Eye Cream is specifically formulated to target these signs of aging and fatigue. Its unique blend of Dead Sea minerals, renowned for their restorative properties, delivers a multi-pronged attack:

  • Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Say goodbye to crow’s feet and those pesky lines around your eyes! Zoar Eye Cream helps stimulate collagen production, leaving your under-eye area plump, smooth, and youthful.
  • Minimize Dark Circles: Let your eyes show off their natural brightness! This potent cream addresses hyperpigmentation, visibly lightening dark circles and revealing a more even complexion around your eyes.
  • Combat Puffiness and Fatigue: Wake up your eyes and restore their vibrancy! Zoar Eye Cream helps reduce puffiness and under-eye bags, leaving your eyes refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the day.

    Unlock the Radiance of Your Eyes with Dead Sea Magic

    Zoar Eye Cream harnesses the restorative power of Dead Sea minerals for a comprehensive approach to eye care. Experience the difference and unveil brighter, firmer, and more youthful-looking eyes.

Your Nightly Ritual for Radiant Eyes

Embrace the transformative power of nature with this simple bedtime ritual:

  • Cleanse and prep: Begin by washing your face with Enopharm’s gentle Salt Soap, removing makeup and impurities.
  • Dot and massage: Gently dab a small amount of Zoar Eye Cream around your orbital bone, avoiding direct contact with your eyes. Massage the cream in with light, circular motions until absorbed.
  • Sweet dreams: Allow the Dead Sea minerals to work their magic overnight. Wake up to brighter, firmer, and more radiant eyes that reflect your inner sparkle.

Remember: Consistency is key. Use Zoar Eye Cream every night for optimal results. And for an extra boost, pair it with other Zoar skincare products, available through Enopharm, Yemen’s trusted partner for Dead Sea beauty.

Beyond the Cream:

Zoar Eye Cream is just one step in your journey to radiant eyes. Explore Enopharm’s diverse range of Zoar skincare products, from hydrating serums to nourishing masks, and create a holistic routine that celebrates your natural beauty.

Embrace the power of the Dead Sea with Zoar Eye Cream. Awaken to a brighter, more radiant you, one wink at a time.

Unleash the Power of Nature

Discover the Treasures of Enopharm’s Cosmetics Products

Embrace the transformative power of the Dead Sea with Enopharm’s Zoar Cosmetic collection.** Each product is meticulously crafted with mineral-rich Dead Sea mud, renowned for its revitalizing and rejuvenating properties. Dive into a sensory journey of indulgence and discover a radiant, healthy you.


Numerous beauty products

Mud Masks

Experience the ultimate detox with our Dead Sea Mud Masks.

Exfoliating Scrubs

Buff away dullness and imperfections with our invigorating Dead Sea Salt Scrubs


Lock in the goodness of our Dead Sea treatments with luxurious moisturizers.


Target specific concerns with our potent Dead Sea Mineral Serums.

Bath Salts

Transform your bath into a spa experience with our therapeutic Dead Sea Bath Salts.

Body Lotions

Pamper your skin with our silky-smooth Dead Sea Body Lotions.

Enopharm Group of companies

2000 BC
2000 BC

Cleopatra's Secret

Legend whispers of Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, bathing in the Dead Sea for youthful radiance. We embrace this heritage, using sustainably sourced Dead Sea mud and minerals to formulate luxurious skincare.


Modern Alchemy

Scientific research unveils the power of Dead Sea minerals for skin health. Enopharm pioneers their use in cosmetic products, paving the way for a new era of natural, effective skincare.


Sustainable Future

We believe in beauty with a conscience. Enopharm partners with local communities to protect the Dead Sea and source ingredients ethically. Today, we celebrate a legacy of beauty and look forward to a future where nature and science continue to create timeless solutions for healthy, radiant skin.

Unveiling the Legacy of Beauty

A Journey Through Enopharm’s Zoar Cosmetics

From the ancient shores of the Dead Sea to the cutting-edge science of today, Enopharm’s Zoar Cosmetics have been a testament to timeless beauty and innovation. Explore our journey of transformation and discover the secrets behind a radiant, healthy you.
Beyond our dedication to natural ingredients and innovation, Enopharm Zoar Cosmetics are a story of positive impact. Let these numbers inspire you to discover the difference you can make with each choice you make.

  • Natural Ingredients: Celebrate the power of nature with our commitment to using potent botanical extracts and Dead Sea minerals. 95% 95%
  • Products : Discover a diverse range of masks, scrubs, moisturizers, and bath salts, each tailored to your unique needs and skin type 34% 34%
  • Customer Satisfaction : We stand behind our products and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. 100% 100%
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