Mud Soap


Mud Soap


January 25, 2022


Zoar Mud Soap is a one-of-a-kind beauty product that combines the power of Dead Sea mud with a special formula crafted from 100% natural vegetable oils. This exquisite combination delivers deep cleansing action, making it especially effective for oily skin. Say goodbye to impurities and hello to a fresh, revitalized complexion!. One of the most remarkable features of Zoar Mud Soap is its versatility. Whether you choose to use it on your face or body, this soap works wonders. As you lather up, the refreshing fragrance engulfs your senses, creating a truly indulgent bathing experience. You’ll feel instantly pampered and rejuvenated. Unlike ordinary soaps, Zoar Mud Soap goes beyond basic cleansing. It nourishes and moisturizes your skin, leaving it incredibly soft and supple. Bid farewell to dryness and welcome a new level of hydration. With Zoar Mud Soap , your skin will radiate with a youthful glow that’s bound to turn heads.

Mud Soap

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The Pinnacle of Purification

Embark on a Journey to Immaculate Skin with Zoar’s Mud Soap

In the pursuit of pristine, revitalized skin, Zoar’s Mud Soap emerges as a beacon of purity. Now brought to Yemen by Enopharm, this exceptional skincare marvel harnesses the therapeutic virtues of Dead Sea mud, combined with a bespoke blend of 100% natural vegetable oils, to deliver a deep cleansing experience tailored for those grappling with oily skin.

The Miraculous Dead Sea Mud: A Natural Phenomenon

Unearth the Secret to Flawless Skin:

  • Instantaneous Purification: At the core of Zoar’s Mud Soap is the fabled Dead Sea mud, renowned for its swift action in purging the skin of surplus oils, blackheads, and pollutants. Extracted from the nutrient-dense Dead Sea, this earthly wonder is acclaimed for its unparalleled capacity to fortify and revitalize the skin, positioning it as the ultimate remedy for diverse dermatological ailments.
  • Nourishment and Rejuvenation: Beyond its cleansing prowess, Dead Sea mud is a cornucopia of minerals that imbue the skin with essential nutrients, fostering a rejuvenated, healthy complexion.

A Special Concoction for Profound Cleansing

Delve Deep for a Transcendent Clean:

  • 100% Natural Vegetable Oils: Zoar’s Mud Soap is a testament to the power of nature, featuring a special concoction of purely natural vegetable oils. This exclusive fusion not only cleanses but also delves into the depths of the pores, ensuring an exhaustive and invigorating purification.
  • Daily Ritual for Face and Body: Formulated for everyday indulgence, our soap is a versatile champion for both facial and bodily use, gracing your skin with a zesty fragrance and a unique formula that elevates your daily cleansing to a ritual of luxury.

A Harmonious Blend of Softness and Scent

Savor the Sensory Delight:

  • Refreshing Aroma: As you lather up with Zoar’s Mud Soap, allow the invigorating scent to envelop you, transforming your cleansing routine into an aromatic voyage.
  • Silken Touch: The soap’s singular composition not only assures a profound cleanse but also bestows upon your skin a sumptuous softness and elasticity, culminating in a comprehensive skincare experience that leaves you feeling indulged and renewed.

Method of Use

A Daily Skincare Revelation

Elevate Your Skincare Regimen with the Natural Efficacy of Zoar’s Mud Soap

Transform your daily skincare routine into a luxurious ritual with Zoar’s Mud Soap, your new essential for achieving clear, vibrant skin. Follow these enhanced steps to unlock the full potential of this natural wonder, rich in Dead Sea mud and nourishing oils.

Step 1: Pore-Preparation

Begin with a Blank Canvas:

  • Warm Water Prelude: Initiate your routine by gently warming your skin with water. This preliminary step is crucial as it dilates the pores, setting the stage for optimal absorption of Zoar’s Mud Soap’s enriching minerals.

Step 2: The Application of Nature’s Touch

Lather and Nourish:

  • Rich Lather Creation: Embrace the Mud Soap between your palms, working it into a creamy froth. With tender circular motions, massage the lather onto your skin, allowing the Dead Sea’s restorative essence to deeply cleanse and nurture.

Step 3: Aromatic Indulgence

Immerse in Fragrant Bliss:

  • Scented Symphony: As the soap glides over your skin, indulge in the refreshing bouquet that is Zoar’s signature. This aromatic interlude not only cleanses but also uplifts your spirits, making each use a multisensory feast.

Step 4: The Rinse and Renewal

Complete the Cleanse:

  • Lukewarm Clarity: After luxuriating in the soap’s therapeutic lather, it’s time to rinse. Use lukewarm water to wash away the suds, revealing skin that’s not just clean, but reborn.

Step 5: The Commitment to Consistency

Daily Dedication for Lasting Beauty:

  • Routine Perfection: Make Zoar’s Mud Soap a steadfast element of your daily skincare practice. With consistent use, witness the metamorphosis of your skin as it soaks in the Dead Sea’s legendary benefits and the purest vegetable oils.

Bonus Tip: Acne’s Natural Adversary

Support Your Skin’s Battle Against Acne:

  • Dead Sea Mud Mastery: Utilize the famed properties of Dead Sea mud as an ally in acne management. The Mud Soap’s profound cleansing action aids in regulating oil production and reducing blackheads, paving the way for a complexion that’s clearer and more radiant.

Unleash the Power of Nature

Discover the Treasures of Enopharm’s Cosmetics Products

Embrace the transformative power of the Dead Sea with Enopharm’s Zoar Cosmetic collection.** Each product is meticulously crafted with mineral-rich Dead Sea mud, renowned for its revitalizing and rejuvenating properties. Dive into a sensory journey of indulgence and discover a radiant, healthy you.


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2000 BC
2000 BC

Cleopatra's Secret

Legend whispers of Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, bathing in the Dead Sea for youthful radiance. We embrace this heritage, using sustainably sourced Dead Sea mud and minerals to formulate luxurious skincare.


Modern Alchemy

Scientific research unveils the power of Dead Sea minerals for skin health. Enopharm pioneers their use in cosmetic products, paving the way for a new era of natural, effective skincare.


Sustainable Future

We believe in beauty with a conscience. Enopharm partners with local communities to protect the Dead Sea and source ingredients ethically. Today, we celebrate a legacy of beauty and look forward to a future where nature and science continue to create timeless solutions for healthy, radiant skin.

Unveiling the Legacy of Beauty

A Journey Through Enopharm’s Zoar Cosmetics

From the ancient shores of the Dead Sea to the cutting-edge science of today, Enopharm’s Zoar Cosmetics have been a testament to timeless beauty and innovation. Explore our journey of transformation and discover the secrets behind a radiant, healthy you.
Beyond our dedication to natural ingredients and innovation, Enopharm Zoar Cosmetics are a story of positive impact. Let these numbers inspire you to discover the difference you can make with each choice you make.

  • Natural Ingredients: Celebrate the power of nature with our commitment to using potent botanical extracts and Dead Sea minerals. 95% 95%
  • Products : Discover a diverse range of masks, scrubs, moisturizers, and bath salts, each tailored to your unique needs and skin type 34% 34%
  • Customer Satisfaction : We stand behind our products and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. 100% 100%
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